J & J Rentals is owned by a couple who have spent their lives trying to find locations that bring joy to the lives of the people who occupy their homes. We are not some faceless huge corporation that you will never meet, but you can interact with some of us on a regular basis.    We have a range of properties, from townhouses, duplexes, and apartment buildings.  Some properties have a garage and others have a basement. We have full time maintenance and management personnel to cover most 24 hour periods. We all help one another keep the areas neat and clean. We will not tolerate violence, drunkenness, wild parties, and other activities that do not respect the neighbors.  "You get what you pay for" as the old saying goes, and that holds true here.  If you want a nice no frills unit that is what you will see. If you want lots of room and a little more solitude we can do that too.    We want you to call us so that we can talk to you personally about your wishes and needs when leasing, so we have provided several phone numbers. Please take advantage of those and while visiting our site, look at some of the links provided; they can enhance your lifestyle by introducing you to other activities available close by.  Thank you, and welcome to the J & J family! Warrensburg Warrensburg Knob Noster Knob Noster Clinton Clinton Contact Us Contact Us Townhouses Townhouses Multiplexes Multiplexes Apartments Apartments
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